The O2 Fitness project is located at 850 Folly Road, Charleston, South Carolina 29412.

Project Manager: Gene Garrett | Superintendent: Mike Kucish

Architect: LS3P

Owner: FEWG, LLC.

Project Overview:

The project consists of renovating an existing space for a new tenant into a fitness center. The existing space is approximately 22-ft tall, one-story building that has an approximate footprint of 225-ft in the north-south direction by 183-ft in the east-west direction.


May Progress 

End of May Schedule 
Slab prep Concrete slab repairs 
Slab electrical and plumbing  Electric and plumbing wall framing 
 Metal stud framing wall bracing/straping/slab attachments  HVAC ductwork  
Structural steel framing/inspections  Electrical service entrance  
Roof framing/trusses Mock up window
Mock up Painting  Mock up architectural wall paneling 
Mock up Brick/ties/insulation  Mock up awning frame
  Complete roof trusses/roof decking
  Wall framing complete
  Parapet sheathing
  HVAC curbs at roof