The Ashley Tunnel Shafts Site Improvements project is located at Crosstown, Bee Street, and Barre Street in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Project Manager: Don Houghton | Superintendent: Bill Gale

Architect: Hussey Gay Bell

Owner: Commissioners of Public Works of the City of Charleston, South Carolina

Project Overview:

The project consists of four main sites as described below:

Site A – Bee Street
Demolish existing masonry screen wall and foundation, odor control concrete slab, pavement structure, odor control piping as required to construct new architectural screen wall and foundation, odor control slab and foundation, pavement structure and all associated appurtenances. Included with this work shall be the removal, storage and reinstallation of existing odor control equipment.

Site B – Crosstown Site
Site clearing, grubbing and grading; demolition of existing architectural fence and miscellaneous concrete as required to construct new concrete paver structure, architectural fencing, chain link fencing, site landscaping and all associated appurtenances.

Site C – Barre Street
Demolish existing masonry screen wall and foundation and pavement structure as required to construct new architectural screen wall, foundation, landscaping and all associated appurtenances.

Site D – Lockwood Boulevard
Construct new architectural screen wall, landscaping and all associated appurtenances.



Goals For Next Month
Complete Lockwood, Barre St, and Crosstown projects  Complete Bee St
Complete 90% of Bee St Punch out work items at each of the four sites 


Goals For Next Month
Bee St:  Bee St:
Complete concrete pad for odor control unit  Set louver screen panels 
Set OCU and tie in new FRP piping  Set asphalt entrance  
Complete brick piers by end of June Spread top soil and seed  
Barre St: Barre St: 
Rework and complete Ametco Gate installations  Clean up and demobilize  
Set asphalt entrance  
Install bollard  
Spread topsoil and seed  
Crosstown: Crosstown: 
Complete ornamental fence Install louver screen wall
Complete chain link fence installations Clean up and demobilize  
Spread topsoil and seed   
All projects included are to be completed by August 1, 2017



Goals For Next Month
Complete masonry at Barre St. Site Install Ametco Gate system at Barre St. Site
Complete footings and pile caps at Bee St. Site Apply concrete stain to exposed concrete footing at Barre St. Site
Complete structural steel and field measure for aluminum louver panels  Complete asphalt paving at entrance of Barre St. Site 
Complete pavers at Crosstown and set wrought iron fence and gates Spread top soil around Barre St. and seed
  Set steel at Lockwood and have steel powder coated
  Brick piers at Bee St. Site to be completed
  Set odor control unit at Bee St. Site
  Install chain link fence at Crosstown Site