The Starbucks project is located at 864 Folly Road, Charleston, SC 29412.

Project Manager: Gene Garrett | Superintendent: Mike Kucish 

Architect: Coast Architects, Inc.

Owner: FEWG 2, LLC

Project Overview:

The project consists of the construction of a new two story, 14,995 SF office building and site. 


August Progress 

End of August Schedule
Site conduit underway Insulation exterior walls 
Soffit framing in place Insulation inspection 
Plumbing rough in complete Drywall hanging at perimeter rated 
Electrical rough in complete  Soffit trim
Framing inspection complete Metal coping 
Drive thru canopy steel in place Awning Framing 
Electrical panels/meter can in place Exterior steel painting 
  Gas service
  Permanent electrical service
  Monument sign foundation and masonry 
  Brick paver patio
  Grading at patio pavers
  Parking lot base

June Progress 

June Schedule 
Roof trust framing Complete wall sheathing
Roof sheathing Set roof curbs
Roof blocking Architectural wall panels at mockup
Wall framing inspection passed Parapet sheathing 
Wall sheathing started   Exhaust Fan and Rail Roof Curbs
Window glass ordered Scaffolding for exterior  
Awning steel complete Roofing insulation/membrane  
Framing Inspection Passed Exterior sheathing complete 
Exterior Wall and Parapet wall sheathing Complete mock up for inspection 
Roof Sheathing   
Set RTU curbs at roof  

May Progress 

End of May Schedule 
Mock up wall flashing, insulation and brick ties Erect steel columns and beams
Exterior wall framing to truss bearing height with wall nailers Roof truss installation 
Steel fabrication offsite Wall nailers at steel beams
Site wall foundations poured each side of curb cut Site wall foundations and dumpster pad 


Goals for Next Month
Building Layout Complete Slab Formwork
Thickened Slab Excavations Complete Plumbing Rough in Slab/Inspections 
Formwork in Place Complete Electrical Rough in Slab/Inspections
Rebar Delivery Mock Up Steel Complete
Formwork in Progress at Slab Perimeter Mock Up Wall Framing
Site Storm Drainage/Roof Drains  
SCE&G located Electrical Service onsite