The New Office Building for Summerville Commissioners of Public Works is located in Summerville, SC.

Project Manager: Marion Davis | Superintendent: Glenn Harvey

Architect: Karpus Design, LLC, Limited Liability Company 

Owner: Summerville CPW

Project Overview:

The project consists of the construction of a new two story, 14,995 SF office building and site. 


In The News:

Check out the article by the Charleston Regional Business Journal about the new Summerville Commissioners of Public Works building by Hill Construction. See link below:


September Goals

Goals For Next Month
Fully dried and received permanent power  Finish tile work and install carpet and terrazzo flooring
Started mechanical units and have conditioned air Install ceiling tiles
Starting tile, interior work and cabinets  Install counters 

June Goals

Goals For Next Month
Complete brick veneer Start up HVAC system 
Start storefront and curtain wall window installation  Install cabinets and casework
Prime paint and install acoustical ceiling grid  Begin tile and flooring work 
Install lighting and HVAC grills   

May Goals

Goals For Next Month
Pass overhead inspections to begin acoustical ceiling grid installation  Install radius canopy footing and set anchor bolts
 Install brick veneer over large curtain wall window system on South elevation and top out brick over all 1st story windows. Finish brick veneer
Install all underground conduits and wire for site lighting poles Begin installation of windows and curtain wall systems
Form and pour the suspended concrete drive-thru canopy slab Install light fixtures and HVAC grills
  Install interior door frames 



Starting exterior masonry veneer   
Interior rough end completed and inspected   
Starting interior drywall