Building 12 at Twelve Oaks is undergoing Repairs. The project is located at 60 Fenwick Hall Allee, Charleston, SC 29455.

Project Manager: Ron Jaruzel | Superintendent: Casey Mattson

Architect: Gary Freeman Architect Inc., General Corporation 

Owner: Twelve Oaks at Fenwick Hall HOA, General Corporation

Project Overview:

Project consists of removal of all existing stucco system wall components and replacement with Portland cement stucco and fiber cement siding and trim. As well as removal of existing windows and replacement with new windows.


August Goals

Goals For Next Month
Receive certificate of occupancy  Finish punchlist/final closeout 
Finish siding and trim, final paint   
Punchlist work/remove scaffolding   

May Goals

Goals For Next Month
Complete stucco removal and demolition  Continue window replacement 
Install weather barriers  Interior window trim/drywall repairs  
Start replacing windows  Start exterior siding and stucco 

June Goals

Goals For Next Month
Complete window replacement  Siding and stucco installation 
Complete sheetrock repairs at windows and replace sheetrock in flood zone areas on ground floor Complete interior repairs and finishes 
Install window casing and trim Exterior painting 
Start Stucco installation   



Goals For Next Month
Preconstruction Services Finishing  Construction Starts 
Prepare for Construction To Begin