The Family Circle Clubhouse and Stadium were both completed by Hill Construction. The project was a design-build with the City of Charleston. The clubhouse is 10,583 square feet with a pro shop, lockers and shower facilities, fitness room, and café. The pro shop is the largest in South Carolina. The Clubhouse was constructed as a support building for the Family Circle Stadium. This was an extensive and successful project for both the City of Charleston and Hill Construction. The Family Circle Stadium boasts seventeen fenced championship courts, 4,500 permanent box seats in the lower tiers and 6,000 seats in the upper tiers.

These projects together required a large amount of planning and infrastructure work. A temporary bleacher steel structure was proposed and designed by Hill, providing a cost savings of over $400,000. This structure is still used and seen today at the Family Circle Cup Stadium.

The Family Circle Clubhouse and Stadium were named “Finest Public Tennis Facility in America” in 2001 by Tennis Industry magazine and won the Outstanding Facilities Award by the US Tennis Association.