The CHS In-Line Checked Baggage project is located at 5500 International Blvd, Charleston, SC 29418.


Project Overview 

  • The project consists of the replacement of the existing checked baggage inspection system at the Charleston International Airport with a new In-Line Checked Baggage System. This project includes removal of the existing baggage handling equipment and systems in the checked baggage inspection area and installation of new baggage handling system. The project also includes creation of a temporary baggage screening space and associated baggage handling equipment to be utilized during the project, including demolition of the temporary space upon project completion.
  • Architect: ADC Engineering
  • Owner: Charleston County Aviation Authority 



  • Certificate of Occupancy for CBIS, CBRA, and OSR Areas
  • TSA Approval to Operate Phase 1 for Live Bags
  • Demolition Underway of Temp Baggage Screening Area



  • CBRA Walls Complete
  • OSR Walls complete
  • Baggage Handling Conveyors Mechanical Install complete at CBIS/CBRA
  • Baggage Handling Conveyor Controls Implementation underway
  • Baggage Handling Internal Testing Underway 






 Previous Job Updates

  • Chill water pipes installed
  • New conveyor steel header and roll up door installed
  • Temp screening drywall complete
  • Temp screening conduit complete
  • Temp screening metal wall panels at exterior
  • Frame inspection done
  • Asbestos done
  • Begin to demo brick and roof work starting next week
  • Begin to coordinate equipment for the temporary screening area
  • Air barrier
  • Roof started this week (2/19)
  • Masonry to start this week (2/19)

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